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Defeating Deferred Maintenance


OPERATOR TRAINING COURSES - Recognizing Maintenance Needs - 4 Hours

During my 40 years of tracking maintenance costs, I have helped my clients document the following statement:

8% of asset operators are directly responsible for 60% of all maintenance dollars spent.

The 60% dollar amount is a small number of breakdown events that could have been avoided if the asset operator had recognized the importance of what the asset was telling them and acted before the breakdown event. If a client institutes our Maintenance Control Program, they will be able to identify the 8% of their operators very quickly. Usually in about sixty days.

Of the 8% of operators that are generating this large disruption to operational readiness, almost all only need training that will add a small amount of maintenance knowledge at the point of work. Our Operator Training Programs are custom made to meet the "Early Detection" needs of the client. The specialty training is in these areas:

These seminars and courses are designed to teach the facility managers, equipment and machine operators, and vehicle drivers what they need to know to recognize pending failures early (Early Detection) have the confidence to act quickly and contact the Maintenance Department (Early Intervention) in a timely manner and accurately describe what they are experiencing.

These courses create the grass-roots, operator level program that will allow "Early Detection" and "Early Intervention" to assure a lower operating cost that can be sustained.

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