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Defeating Deferred Maintenance


Short Newsletters to Introduce Our Services

General Operations & Management

Geaslin's Inverse-Square Rule for Deferred Maintenance
Proof of Exponential Breakdown Cost Escalations
Computing the True Risk/Reward Ratio for Deferring Maintenance
Creating an Understandable Ratio
Nonlinearity in Maintenance
Why Things Fail Suddenly
Vertical Maintenance (VM)
How to Defeat Your Deferred Maintenance Backlog

Operationally Induced Events (OIEs)
How to Know Who is Damaging Your Assets
8% of your operators are directly responsible for
60% of your maintenance dollars spent.


Specific Applications

“How can I get my executive management to
understand the disastrous effects of OTF?”

Predicting the Exponential Costs Associated
with Breakdown Events

Managing Maintenance in Scientific
and Medical Research Buildings

Using OIEs to Manage Facility User Damage

40-Second Boyd
Getting Inside Your Machines Decision-Cycle to Fail

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